Community & Sustainability

Commitment 17: Provide a wider range of greener choices

What’s the issue?

We know that our customers want to take more sustainable actions, and one way is by purchasing more sustainable products that are better for the planet.

What are we doing?

Choosing more sustainable products is the easiest way for our customers to make a positive difference when shopping at Officeworks. That’s why we’re working to source and design more products which are both sustainable and cost-effective, such as products made with renewable or recycled materials, that are refillable or reusable, to help our customers achieve their zero waste goals.

We are working to make it easier for customers to find more sustainable products, by enhancing our website navigation and updating the packaging on our private label products. We are doing this without compromising quality and ensuring they are affordable.

The story so far

We already sell a range of sustainable products at Officeworks, such as refillable pens, recycled notebooks and backpacks made from recycled plastic fabric. In addition, over 90% of the paper products we sell are either made from 100% recycled paper or sustainably sourced and FSC certified.

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