Community & Sustainability

Commitment 16: Zero deforestation in our supply chain

What’s the issue?

Forests are critical ecosystems for our planet, making up approximately 30% of the world’s land area. They provide a range of vital ecosystem services including capturing and storing climate-warming greenhouse gases, purifying water, and providing valuable habitats for wildlife.

But there’s a problem – we’re losing forests at an alarming rate, with over 8.4 million soccer fields worth of Amazon forest being cleared between 2009-2019 alone as a result of agricultural land clearing and illegal logging.

What are we doing?

The good news is that there are plenty of timber sources which are sustainable, ethical and don't contribute to deforestation. We’re committed to ensuring the materials used in our products and packaging only come from these kinds of sources by:

  • Ensure no paper, wood, palm oil or packaging contains deforested materials
  • All of our paper products will be FSC certified or 100% recycled by December 2020
  • All wood products and furniture will be FSC or PEFC certified by 2025
  • Any product containing palm oil will be responsibly sourced and certified
  • We will work with suppliers to improve transparency of our packaging materials, to ensure material is sourced from legal and responsible sources.

The story so far

We’ve been committed to the sustainable sourcing of paper and wood products for over five years now, and as of June 2020, 91% of our paper products were either FSC certified or made from 100% recycled material.

But that’s not all – we’re not just committed to selling more sustainable timber-based products; we want to play an active part in protecting the world’s forests for the future. That’s why we established our Restoring Australia initiative to restore landscapes across the country by planting two trees for every one used, based on the weight of paper products purchased by our customers.

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