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Commitment 3: Our team are capable for today and the future of work

What’s the issue?

Our team members are central to the ongoing success of our business. As the world continues to evolve and adapt in response to new innovations and challenges, we need to make sure that our teams have the tools and resources they need to succeed in their professional lives now and into the future.

What are we doing?

In order to ensure that we have the capabilities required for today and into the future, Officeworks is undertaking a number of key programs of work as a part of the People and Business Strategy. We are developing a proficiency-based Leadership Competency Framework that will be enabled within our People systems, to support our team members through recruitment and onboarding right through to ongoing development in their role. Through this we can ensure that our team members have the knowledge they need to progress confidently in their careers by providing learning experiences that link directly to the competency they need to develop.

We are also heavily focussed on building Talent Management maturity and creating a healthy talent pipeline to support our internal bench strength and internal career progression for our team members.

The story so far

This year has seen us hold our second annual engagement survey where we have sought feedback from our team around engagement and factors including career development and growth and Learning and Development opportunities. We have listened to our individual team member feedback and used this to plan our Learning and Development Experiences for the forward year.

We have delivered Leadership Capability Programs aimed at both our Senior and Mid-level leaders with an Adaptive Leadership Program and a Store Leadership Development program virtually run over a series of sessions, with personalised learning taking place in between.

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