Community & Sustainability

Commitment 9: We will use data responsibly and ethically

What’s the issue?

In a world that’s more connected than ever before, with digital technologies becoming an increasingly significant part of our lives, upholding the right to privacy – as a fundamental human right – has never been more important.

What are we doing?

We’re in the process of establishing governance forums that are solely dedicated to overseeing the governance of data and undertaking a comprehensive review of the data that we collect, store and use. We’re also refreshing our customer-focused policy documents which will help us clearly explain our approach and improve transparency on how we manage data integrity.

The story so far

It’s a complex issue – while some of our customers prefer a personalised experience when shopping with us, others prefer to keep their anonymity.

We’ve always been committed to – and always will maintain – to never selling our customers data to third parties. As we move forward with new governance forums to oversee and enhance our approach to data, we’ll particularly be looking at how we can increase transparency with our customers, maintain our high standards of data security, and use the data we do have in an ethical and responsible way.

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