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Commitment 7: Enable positive change for 15,000 workers in our supply chain

What’s the issue?

At Officeworks, we sell thousands of different products which come to us from all around the world, and are created by many different people along the way. These supply chains can be complex, with products or components often being manufactured in countries where laws designed to protect workers’ rights are not sufficient or adequately enforced.

What are we doing?

We believe that all workers have the right to a safe and healthy work environment, which is why we’re working on the following measures to ensure human rights are upheld and improved in our supply chain:

  • We’re making space for the workers’ voice to be better heard, and more often. We’ll do this through initiatives such as worker surveys, to understand the issues that are important to them
  • We’ll work with our suppliers to help them embed positive change through initiatives such as improving training and capacity building, communication, and grievance mechanisms and resolutions
  • We’re complementing our risk-based, audit-centric approach with an outcome-focused approach that will help improve worker engagement within our direct supply chain.

The story so far

We already have a well-established ethical sourcing program which all of our suppliers are required to comply with – this program is designed to protect and uphold workers’ rights and reassure our customers that our products are ethically sourced. Each year, we review around 400 ethical sourcing audits and work with suppliers to resolve any issues that are identified.

As this program continues to evolve, we’ll work closely with our suppliers to focus not only on identifying risks – but creating real, positive impacts on workers' lives.

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