Community & Sustainability

Commitment 11: Reduce emissions in our supply chain

What’s the issue?

While a significant amount of the emissions that we’re responsible for at Officeworks are related to our energy usage (see our renewable energy commitment here), we’re aware that indirect emissions, such as those relating to the manufacturing of the products we sell and their transportation, also play a part in contributing to climate change.

What are we doing?

While these emissions are outside of our direct control, we believe there’s still plenty we can do to help our partners and suppliers reduce them, and therefore, their impact on the climate. We’re doing this by:

  • Working with our suppliers to identify where emissions can be reduced
  • Rethinking how we design products to include more recycled content
  • Continuing to improve our understanding of the impact our products have throughout their life cycles by conducting targeted assessments.

The story so far

In 2020, we undertook a detailed analysis of our Scope 3 emissions (those indirect emissions which come from our supply chain) so we could pinpoint where we needed to focus our efforts.

The good news is, many of our international suppliers have already set their own carbon emission reduction strategies. We’ll continue working with them – as well as suppliers who aren’t quite there yet – so we can all work towards the same goal of reducing our climate impact.

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