All packaging to be reusable or recyclable

Commitment 15: All packaging to be reusable or recyclable

What’s the issue?

Packaging plays an important role to protect and transport the products we buy. However, packaging that is unable to be recycled contributes to waste that is sent to landfill.

Every day, more and more clever and sustainable packaging solutions are becoming available which do a great job of keeping packaging out of landfill, and giving our customers a better experience by enabling them to easily recycle their packaging.

What are we doing?

When it comes to packaging, we’re focused on ensuring the packaging on our own private label products will be recyclable by December 2021. In addition, we will continue working with our suppliers to help them do the same, and our goal is that by 2025, all products sold at Officeworks will come in packaging that’s recyclable, reusable or compostable. We will also continue to look at ways to reduce the reliance of plastic in packaging, and increase the amount of recycled content.

We will continue to explore ways that packaging used for our online deliveries can be optimised, reducing unnecessary materials and exploring ways we can provide deliveries to our stores and customers in reusable options.

The story so far

In 2016, we partnered with Planet Ark to develop the Australasian Recycling label. This label is now included on over 4,000 of our own brand products, and does a great job of showing how each products’ packaging should be correctly disposed of.

When we design new products, we now also specifically look at how we can design sustainable packaging options for that product. For example, we have replaced polystyrene in all of our furniture products with cardboard and are currently working with our technology suppliers to do the same.

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