Become a zero-waste business

Commitment 13: Become a zero-waste business

What’s the issue?

In a retail environment, producing waste is an inevitable part of doing business. From product packaging to disposing of faulty or broken items, reducing the amount of rubbish that gets sent to landfill takes some creative thinking, dedication and a shared commitment from team members to see waste in a new way, and turn rubbish into resources.

What are we doing?

To do our part in tackling the waste problem, we’re committed to designing out waste in the first instance, and embracing the values of ‘reduce, reuse, repair and recycle’, whenever and wherever possible. In other words, we’re finding new, innovative ways to give what was once rubbish a second life.

By doing this, we’re able to not only reduce our waste and save money on its disposal, we’re able to reinvest in other, more effective ways of managing waste such as composting services at our stores and offices.

The story so far

Since 2015, we’re proud to say that we’ve reduced the amount of rubbish that we send to landfill by 62%, and since July 2020 we’ve been able to recycle over 90% of our waste.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of our teams, who have taken new practices and processes for managing our business’ waste streams in their stride. Through lots of small, individual actions and changes, we’re together turning waste into resources at Officeworks.

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