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In this project you’ll learn how to create greeting cards with calligraphy lettering. To help you get started we’ve collaborated with artist and calligrapher Liz Tu from Letter Me! who specialises in modern brush calligraphy, which is a more relaxed and fun style of calligraphy.

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Practice Guide Instructions
Love to Learn greeting card step 1

Step 1: Find your inspiration

Decide on a card you’d like to create and personalise for a special occasion. Consider the size and orientation of the card and where the calligraphy will be positioned.

Love to Learn greeting card step 2

Step 2: Choose your materials

Choose brush pen colours that that complement each other and blend well. Brush pens that have larger tips (Tombow Dual Tip and Artline Stix) may be better for the cover, and smaller tips (Pentel Touch Sign) may be better for the inside of the card. A higher GSM cardstock is the best choice for a greeting card, as it will stand up on its own and is absorbent enough for the ink to stick. Avoid glossy cardstock as it may not absorb ink from the brush pens.

Love to Learn greeting card step 3

Step 3: Prepare your card

Cut your paper to size (keeping in mind that you will need to fold your paper in half to create a card) and using a ruler and your cardstock folding tool, create a fold to ensure a straight crisp fold.

Love to Learn greeting card step 4

Step 4: Practise your lettering

Using the Letter Me! Practise sheet, practice writing each letter of the alphabet. First trace over the letter, and then try to write your own letter!

Love to Learn greeting card step 5

Step 5: Calligraphy time!

Now you’re ready to calligraph! Make sure you give yourself enough space on the card and choose a greeting that will fit. Start by tracing your letters onto the card using the Letter Me! Practise sheets and tracing paper. Once you’re confident in your lettering skills you can write directly onto your greeting card.

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