Spotlight Interview

Kerry Duncan - GM of Property & Store Development

Career Highlights

Kerry Duncan, General Manager of Property and Store Development at Officeworks, talks about her achievements, what leadership means to her, and her top tips for developing your career.

As a leader, Kerry Duncan has experienced many highlights over the years. “Negotiating your first new deal or property acquisition is always a personal highlight,” she says.

Kerry considers her greatest achievement with Officeworks to be appointed as senior leader. Taking on a national role and building a team has been most rewarding for her. “It felt daunting stepping into a national role and facing unknown territory. It’s amazing how quickly you learn new information and develop new skills, when you are out of your comfort zone."

Kerry is proud to be a leader and working with a talented and dedicated team. Her team was able to manage, reshape, open and refurbish a network of stores. Kerry finds giving back to customers and local communities extremely rewarding and exciting for her and her team.

“It’s wonderful to be a part of a team that helps to make bigger things happen!”


Attitude is Key

Kerry believes that being authentic and enthusiastic is key to any leadership roles. Having a great attitude helped her start her career, and she believes it continues to help her throughout the different stages of her current senior leadership role.

“It’s important to take on new roles, duties or projects with enthusiasm and to treat each new project or task as a learning opportunity."

Tips for Success

Kerry recently gave a presentation to the National Association of Women in Operations and delivered her top ten tips for success in business.

  1. Treat the company’s money as your own: How can you reduce spend and or help to generate great returns.
  3. The devil is in the detail: pay attention to the details, not just the big picture.
  5. Volunteer for cross-functional projects to build relationships and learn more about the business.
  7. Have the right attitude: be authentic and enthusiastic.
  9. Be financially literate: learn about the business financial situation and how your role impacts financial benchmarks. Perhaps ask someone in the finance to explain or mentor you; most people are happy to help.
  11. Back yourself: be bold and have a go.
  13. Know how to summarise: get to the point quickly. What do your stakeholders need to know or do? Eliminate waffle!
  15. Record achievements and results before you move onto the next thing, or you may forget.
  17. Make recommendations: don’t just report the problem, suggest the solution.
  19. Continuous learning: actively seek out learning opportunities throughout your career.

Bonus point: look after yourself and have fun along the way!

Kerry believes that the skills you learn along the way are never wasted, and doing your job well, no matter what the role is, creates the building blocks for your career and your personal brand.

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