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All Officeworks job ads are currently posted on Seek.

If you are a current applicant and have an enquiry, please send an email to

Officeworks is among several organisations which may have been impacted by a data security incident at Page Up, the provider of human resources software as a service.

As a precautionary measure and to ensure continuity of recruitment activity, all Officeworks employment opportunities have been posted on Seek. If you are a current applicant and have an enquiry please send an email to

Officeworks, which uses PageUp to manage employment applications has suspended all connections and blocked access between Officeworks’ systems and PageUp’s systems and stopped all available points of upload while we obtain more information from PageUp about the nature and extent of the security incident. We have asked for urgent responses from PageUp and are also conducting our own investigations.

Officeworks is not currently aware of any inappropriate activity relating to anyone’s data occurring as a result of the security incident. However, we recommend that any person who has applied online for a position with Officeworks check to ensure that there has been no recent unusual activity concerning their personal information and maintain a close watch on the use of their personal information.

Officeworks takes data security very seriously and we will keep you updated via this page as we continue to investigate this incident.

If you have further queries on this matter, you can access the PageUp statement and FAQs via their public website by clicking here.