How Do I Apply?

Thanks for your interest in our Officeworks opportunities.

It's easy to apply for a position at Officeworks.

  • Simply search for a vacancy by location or keyword
  • Then create a personal profile you can update with relevant information and keep track of the positions you've applied for

Your personal profile will include the following information:

  • Your personal details including email address
  • Dates and details of any courses, degrees, certificates and diplomas you have
  • Dates and details of any previous employment history
  • A current list of professional referees with current contact details
  • An attached copy of your current resume (.doc or .pdf formats only, 2Mb max)

As part of the online process you'll be informed of the terms and conditions of your application and you'll provide information about your education, experience and other relevant personal details. All of this information will help us to process your application accurately and effectively.

Apply online

Once we process your application, you'll receive a confirmation email referencing the job you applied for. If your ideal position isn't available right now, please express your interest by creating a personal profile and we'll be in touch if anything comes up.

Keep in mind that you can save, return to and complete your personal profile at any time. You can also apply for vacant positions without creating a personal profile.