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How to personalise your workspace

The workspaces we 'live-in' can define who we are and inform how we feel and behave. Companies, like Google, know all about this, and are in fact, trailblazers, creating amazingly good workspaces.

Workspaces that encourage employees to celebrate their individuality, whilst simultaneously inspiring them to work hard and play hard!

It's official…
Personalising your workspace is good for you!

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10 ways to create an inspiring workspace

Cool offices tend to be most common among tech and fashion companies and, of course, advertising and PR agencies; it's just part of their industry's culture. But there's no reason why you can't make it yours too, regardless of the work you produce.

A creative workspace can reflect your company's culture and brand and, best of all, create a contagious sense of pride.

Inspiration #1.
Get a warehouse or loft.

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How to furnish your workspace

Is your workspace hot?

Thanks to laptops, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and less paper, we no longer need to be chained to one specific desk to work.

'Hot desking' or 'hoteling', where multiple workers share workstations and meeting rooms is all about using space well. This means furnishing your workspace can go one step further, where the entire office environment is 'hot'!

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My Workspace Rules

Take a good, hard look at your 'workspace' and look at it with fresh eyes. You may want to empty the entire space and start with a fresh, clean, blank slate.

This process is really about removing the clutter, so go hard. Pull everything out of cupboards, rethink what you need and only keep the items you use regularly.

Sort your stations – and establish zones

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Unclutter and organise your workspace

A better workspace can often lead to better work. So take control by clearing the clutter.

To help you get organised, we caught up with up with Mara, a Professional Organiser from The Filing Fairies, who provided us with great tips on how you can master your workspace.

The Filing Fairies has a mantra; ORGANISE, UTILISE, ENJOY. We want to help you get organised so you can readily access your paperwork whenever you need it.

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Colour your workspace

Colour is the strongest most powerful influence in a room. It's a high impact low cost device that defines a style and creates a mood. Even more importantly, it changes how your clients and employees feel in a space.

Use colour to create a workspace where people are happy to come to work.

Red is probably not the right colour for a 'Zen Spa' but it could certainly 'work' a PR Office or a Fashion Company.

Is your workspace the right colour for your work?

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