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The June Hit List: The Best Business Resources and Buys


| By Alison Boleyn | May 26, 2021

Discover this month’s best business resources and buys: try a smart mouse pad, read an updated classic and join an Australian social media platform that connects local businesses with customers.

Discover this month’s best business resources and buys.

As the end of the financial year approaches, take this opportunity to look back on what you’ve achieved and find some fresh inspiration in a wise old book and a new, homegrown social media platform with a circular economy. Also in this month’s best business resources: personalised office furniture and an appreciation of the power of teamwork.

The Classic Book Updated: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The best business book to read this month is the revised edition of The Psychology of Persuasion.

In his 1984 bestseller, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, author Robert Cialdini went undercover to train in telemarketing, fundraising and used car sales. Now, he’s updated the work to include online applications, new research and a seventh “principle” of persuasion: unity, because, as he points out, when we feel like we belong to a particular group or identify with the person promoting the message, we’re more open to persuasion. Email marketing expert Jorge Gasca recommends this classic as a fantastic resource for business owners wanting to DIY email campaigns because it can help them nail the key principles of marketing.

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The Radical New Social Media Platform for Local Business: LITT

The best new social media platform for business to try is LITT.

LITT turns the customary digital advertising model upside down. Instead of businesses paying for advertising in the hope that users will click, LITT pays users digital LITT cash each time they view a video or augmented reality ad (a type of ad that’s immersive and lifelike; for example, watching a movie trailer by pointing your smartphone camera at a physical billboard promoting it). They can then spend this “cash” at participating businesses, thus redirecting ad revenue to users and then back to the businesses. At time of writing, the Australian social media and ecommerce platform had more than 400 small businesses on board, 8000 members and plans to expand overseas.

The Best Podcast About Leading Teams: Atlassian’s Teamistry Podcast

The best business podcast to listen to this month is Teamistry.

Each fortnightly episode of Teamistry celebrates a historic, gobsmacking moment in teamwork (Thomas Edison’s genius invention wasn’t the lightbulb, says one guest, but bringing together diverse experts.) While the second season of this podcast from software giant Atlassian looks at the magic of multiple-team collaborations, Season 1 has plenty of inspiration for small teams, outlining how bright people worked together to explore space, survive a shipwreck and thwart a nuclear disaster.

The Home Office Essential: Design Your Own Ergonomic Office Chair

WOne of the best business resources is to design your own office chair.

If you’re like most Australians, you spend more time sitting than you do sleeping. But remember the effort that went into finding your mattress? Spend as much time crafting the perfect seat by designing your own ergonomic office chair. You can choose from 14 colours, three backrest styles, three seats, four armrest styles and four bases – and even customise a desk, too.

The Smartest Mouse Pad: POUT HANDS 3 PRO Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

The best business tech this month is the POUT HANDS 3 PRO Wireless Charging Mouse Pad.

This slim, matte mousepad does double duty as a smartphone charger, juicing up any phone that’s Qi-compatible while you work (or game) which means one less cable or cord at your desk. It has a secure IC chip that protects devices from overcharging or overheating, it’s slip-proof and it looks sleek, too, in elegant dove-grey PU leather.