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15 Top Podcasts for Kids That Are Popular with Parents, Too


Embrace screen-free learning with these top podcasts for kids, from popular science and educational history to thought-provoking story time from the ABC.

Top podcasts for kids to download and listen to that are educational, too.

Good podcasts are like spending time with an engaging best friend. They’re easy, warm, illuminating and you never want the conversation to stop. While podcasts are often popular with adults (Australia is ranked equal fourth in the world in terms of podcast uptake), kids can now join in on this screen-free way to absorb information and connect with a subject. The top podcasts for kids are tailored for a younger audience and allow them to explore their interests in a focused manner: the human voice connects, the audio delivery method means minimal distraction, and everything they hear has to be brought to life by their own imagination, which requires mental investment. The best podcasts are high-quality and thought-provoking, and will teach them about science, history, art, philosophy and English and engage them in story time and more. Listen to these, the best podcasts for kids.

Top podcasts popular with kids include Animal Sound Safari, Noodle Loaf and Short & Curly

Animal Sound Safari

The ABC knows how to do great TV programming for kids and its podcast offerings are no different. High on energy, education and “kooky facts”, in this top podcast kids can follow co-hosts K A Lawrence Gunatilaka and Dr Laura Jean McKay as they examine whether crocodiles can ever be members of the family, how vultures help the dead, camel beauty pageants and other interesting animal-world happenings and science.
Best for: all primary

Noodle Loaf

You have to love this musical education podcast for the name alone. Together with his daughters, podcaster Dan Saks, a dad with a background in early childhood music education, delivers music games, rhythmic awareness, melodic improvisation and much more, in a joyful, fun-filled way. It’s not just for kids; the whole family can join in and they will laugh, sing, make music and learn along the happy way.
Best for: lower primary

Short & Curly

Taking a break from fascinating facts, this popular podcast explores the grey spaces between what we know for sure and human behaviour. Kids are led by ethicist Dr Matt Beard, science reporter Carl Smith and actress Molly Daniels to ruminate over the big questions, such as: Are you really free? Why is your room so messy? Did your brain make you do it? and Are you the boss of your emotions?
Best for: upper primary and tweens

Top podcasts for upper primary kids include popular shows such as Wow in the World.

Fierce Girls

This story time from the ABC illuminates and inspires. Aimed at girls, the podcast has prominent Australians tell the stories of amazing, fierce , homegrown women and girls. There’s former Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce narrating the story of wildlife warrior Bindi Irwin and singer Amy Shark regaling the story of AFLW star Tayla Harris’s fight against internet trolls.
Best for: upper primary and tweens

Brains On!

Kids have a lot of questions. A LOT. With a different child co-host joining regular host Molly Bloom each episode, this award-winning US podcast covers every big and small curiosity in the world of science and history. Can you dig to the centre of the earth? Do plants have feelings? And what goes on in the secret world of dust? Plus many more, including COVID-19-related ones, all covered.
Best for: all primary

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Wow in the World

With episodes like Are You Smarter Than a Toilet? (discussing new toilet technology, created by Stanford University experts, and its importance) and What’s Slower then Slow (exploring slow animals and the slowest of them all, the olm), hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz stoke kids’ curiosity in this theatrical podcast by exploring the wonders of the world around them.
Best for: all primary

Top science and education podcasts for kids include The Fact Detectives and But Why.

The Show About Science

What began as a podcast hosted by a very curious 5-year-old, with help from his dad, is still going strong four years later. Nate interviews scientists and experts on everything from mesopredators and nanotechnology to poop science and the coronavirus, and asks the questions kids find fascinating.
Best for: all primary

The Fact Detectives

This top podcast is delivered by two inquisitive kids, Anika and Dexter, and they know – exactly – what the important questions in life are: Are there really killer butterflies? What happens when we flush the toilet? Can cockroaches really survive a nuclear blast? Kinderling radio station has partnered with Museums Victoria for a lively, informative and, most importantly, from-the-point-of-view-of-a-child podcast that answers kids’ most-asked questions in under 12-minute hits, so they can explain and understand their world better. And then probably explain it to you.
Best for: lower primary

But Why

An interactive podcast where listener kids can pose the problems, sending in audio of the questions they really want answered. Episodes are themed, with experts in that category answering questions about any subject from poetry to teeth, cooking to nightmares. A cute addition to the show is a link to illustrations that can be downloaded that match certain episodes, so kids can colour in while they listen.
Best for: early primary

Top podcasts for kids include popular shows such as Smash Boom Best and Story Pirates.

Story Pirates

These pirates are searching for a “different kind of treasure: kids’ wildest, most imaginative stories”. Here, kids create their own stories and listen to them come to life with talented actors performing their tall tales. Story pirates have included Kristen Bell, Julie Andrews and Conan O’Brien to name a few. This top podcast is funny and playful, and showcases the power of imagination and storytelling.
Best for: all primary

Smash Boom Best

Kids get to be judge-and-jury in this cool debate podcast that takes two points of view, “smashes them together and let’s you decide which is best”. Created by the Brains On! team, kids listen to debates between those passionate about their subject, on Aliens vs Robots, Books vs Movies, Super Speed vs Super Strength, Cats vs Dogs and more.
Best for: upper primary and tweens


This is a slick, sophisticated radio series and podcast that doesn’t talk down kids. It informs and inspires them to go away and explore further subjects like shared immunity, controversial IQ testing and questions like does evolution favour cooperation. Great for kids who want straight talking – but parents might want to preview episodes for younger kids.
Best for: tweens

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Arty Farty and Bedtime Explorers are just two of the shows on our top kids’ podcasts list.

Arty Farty – This Kid Life

This is a podcast about learning through living. Kids can find out how other children live their day-to-day lives by listening to kids talk about subjects such as why accessibility is so important for the disabled, what makes you resilient and the importance of creativity. It makes kids think about the human world around them.
Best for: all primary

Eleanor Amplified

Listen to “world-famous radio reporter” Eleanor outwit villains and solve devious riddles in her pursuit of the truth. An entertaining and informative story-based learning experience that’s impossible to resist, with episodes like 123 Science Street: “It’s like Grandma always says, if you go nosing around in a rocket scientist’s workshop, you’ll probably end up electrocuted. That’s just common sense.”
Best for: older primary and tweens

Bedtime Explorers

For kids (and adults) often the best learning is about how to get the important day-to-day things in your life right, like falling asleep. This meditation podcast is designed to get little kids to sleep. Mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz tells imaginative tales full of magical places and encourages breathing techniques to “soothe” kids to sleep.
Best for: lower primary