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6 Clever Ways To Make Kids’ Name Labels for School


| By Alexis Teasdale | January 15, 2021

Time to start labelling your child’s school gear? We’ve found six different ways to get organised, plus fun ideas to get them excited about kids' name labels.

Making cool kids’ name labels will ensure they never lose a thing at school

There is so much to think about as back to school time draws near, but you definitely don’t want to leave your kids’ name labels until the last minute. Instead, get your kids involved, putting them to work creating cool charms and unique tags, while you use clever products to cut labelling time in half. Labelling their belongings, especially with unique tags, not only keeps their bags, hats and other bits and pieces of school paraphernalia out of Lost and Found, it also makes it easier for kids to identify their own items, with the bonus effect that it keeps them safe from sharing with others.

Encourage Kids to Get Creative

Encourage kids to help create name labels for their school backpack

First things first, give children the task of whipping up a bag charm, making their school backpack instantly recognisable. Think laminated name tags, beaded bracelets, pipe cleaner letters and more. It doubles as an excellent end-of-school-holidays craft project.

What You'll Need

Tag, You’re It

Key ring tags are a great way to make easily spotted kids’ name labels

If you need kids’ name labels for something other than a flat surface, utilise key ring tags. You can find large sizes that have plenty of room for names as well as class info or even a mobile number for expensive items. Fluoro tags will add some fun to sports bags, pencil cases and more, with the bright colours making things easier for kids to spot.

What You'll Need

Print Your Own Labels

A label maker will ensure your kids’ name labels are neat and easy to read

Handwriting not your thing? No worries! This clever Dymo Label Maker is battery operated and uses thermal printing technology so there is no ink or toner needed, you simply buy the kind of label cartridge you need, whether it’s paper, plastic, metallic or iron-on, then type in your words and it will print on the spot. You can even customise the font. These labels are fantastic for tech, stationery and even labelling drawers at home.

What You'll Need

Show the Lunchbox Some Love

Look for water-resistant kids’ name labels to use on lunchboxes and water bottles.

Look for water-resistant and dishwasher proof adhesive labels to make lunchbox and water bottle name tags last. The Avery Kids Dream Labels can be written directly onto using a permanent marker and they only take seconds to apply.

What To Try

Make a Motif

Get creative with kids’ name labels – think bespoke initials or designs

Kids’ name labels don’t have to be literal, and if your little ones are into art, they may like to add a personalised design to their school items. Have them create a symbol, like a fun play on their initials or a little logo that you could take a photo of or they could create on their iPad or computer and print, then laminate or cover in clear contact for a nifty addition to their school books or kindy backpack.

What To Try

Give the Iron a Break

For fabric, use iron-on kids’ name labels you can write on with permanent marker

Labelling fabric can be tricky, and while traditionally heat is needed to adhere tags, now you can just press and go. Simply write onto the Avery No-Iron Clothing Labels with permanent marker and apply to clothes, hats and bags, waiting 24 hours before washing. No more singed fingertips!

What To Try