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How to Delete and Manage Apps on Your iPhone


| By Stephen Fenech | November 16, 2020

Instead of scrolling through screens on an iPhone to find the app you want, follow this guide on how to delete apps on an iPhone, and how to sort them as well.

Step-by-step guide on how to delete apps on iPhone no matter how old your device is.

Take a look at your iPhone. If you still have every app you’ve ever downloaded, as well as the ones that came preloaded on your device by Apple when you bought it, chances are you have to sort through multiple screens to find the app you’re looking for. According to a report by Nielsen, 89% of the time consumers spend on media is on mobile apps – but, according to Fortune, 75% of the apps we download are only used once. That’s a whole lot of onscreen clutter when we only use a handful of apps regularly. So how best to manage them? Follow this guide to learn how to delete apps on your iPhone, how to sort them into folders and more.

Make a Plan

It’s a good idea to do a regular stocktake of your iPhone’s apps, which means organising apps into folders and deleting apps you’re not using. Take some time to go through your phone, screen by screen, to check which apps you want to keep and which apps you want to delete. If you see an app you haven’t used in more than a couple of months, it probably needs to go. You can check your app usage by going to the Screen Time menu (look for the hourglass) on the first page on your Settings.

How to Delete an App on Your iPhone

How to delete apps on your iPhone: an easy-to-follow guide with pictures

There are a few ways you can delete an app on an iPhone, which will save room on your screen as well as clearing valuable space on your phone’s memory:

  • Press and hold the icon of the app you would like to delete. A small menu will pop up with one choice in red letters, saying “Remove App”. Click on this option and the app disappears, and other apps on that screen move to fill the gap.
  • If you press and hold the icon a little longer, you will enter “wiggle” mode. This is when every app on the screen is wiggling with a little minus or cross symbol (depending on which iOS you are running) in the top left corner. Tap the minus or cross sign on the app you want to delete and a pop-up menu will appear with one choice in red letters, saying “Delete App” in iOS 13 and below, or “Remove App” in iOS 14. Tap this option and the app will be no more.

Unfortunately there is no way to delete multiple apps at once; this process has to be done one app at a time.

Hot Tip: Apple’s pre-loaded apps, such as Mail, News or Music, can also be moved and even deleted if you’re not going to use them. Simply follow the above processes.

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How to Create Folders for Apps

Step-by-step guide for how to organise and create folders for apps on your iPhone

One way of reducing the number of screens you need to scroll through is to create a folder where you can group similar apps in one place.
Step 1 To create a folder, press and hold the app icon until it enters “wiggle” mode. In this mode it’s possible to move apps around.
Step 2 Take one wiggling app and place it directly on top of another, similar app, and this will create a folder where the app used to be. Inside the folder, you will see the two apps as well as a name for the folder. The iPhone will come up with this name based on the category of apps you’re grouping. For example, placing one game app on top of another game app will create a folder called “Games”.
Step 3 You can now drag other game apps into this folder. To see the apps in the folder, tap it and it will expand to offer a larger view.
Step 4 If you want to change a folder’s name, press and hold an app or area inside the folder. The apps will wiggle, and you’ll see the name inside an editable text box, which you can alter. On iOS 13 and below, press and hold the folder from the home screen, and an option to “Rename” will appear. Click this and type in the new name.
Step 5 To remove apps from a folder, drag it outside of the folder when the apps are in wiggle mode.
Hot Tip: To get out of wiggle mode, hit the Home button or the word “Done”, which will appear in the top right-hand corner. If your iPhone doesn’t have a Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Move Your Most-Used Apps to the Home Screen

There are a number of apps we use regularly, such as social media apps, weather apps and apps to control our smart home products. These frequently used apps can be moved to the iPhone’s home page to make them instantly accessible. Enter wiggle mode, hold down the app you want to move and simply drag it to where you want it to go. To move it between screens, simply hold and drag it towards the left or right edge of the current screen to open the screen you want to move it to.

Hot Tip: If you delete an app and then decide you want it back on your iPhone again, you can always go back to the App Store and download it again.

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