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STEM Test Drive: Hexbug Off Road Truck Review


| By Kate Barracosa | November 30, 2020

We asked our primary school experts to road-test and review the Hexbug Off Road Truck – and give us their feedback on this cool STEM kids toy.

Taking on the STEM toy review challenge are Moriah and Sophia, both 11. They put their heads together to build the Hexbug Off Road Truck and figure out the best ways to use the accompanying app to drive the finished truck around their neighbourhood.

The STEM Toy

The Hexbug Off Road Truck is a great introduction to the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), as well as construction and robotics, for kids aged eight and older. It includes everything kids need to build their first robotic truck from scratch, as well as control its movements via remote control with the VEX Pilot App.

Once complete, the finished truck is true-to-life, with accurate steering and working suspension so kids can test it out on any surface or terrain. The snap-together shell is also compatible with other VEX products so once kids have nailed the initial build, they can advance and customise their truck to their liking using parts from other projects.

Kids review the Hexbug Off Road Truck toy as part of Officeworks’ Test Drive series.

The Educational Experience

The toy comes completely disassembled, so to build their truck, kids must put their problem-solving skills and concentration to work as they sort the parts and follow the detailed instructions. This process is also an opportunity to work on their fine motor skills and, if things don’t quite go to plan, to test out their critical thinking.

Budding builders can then connect the truck to the VEX Pilot app via Bluetooth and figure out how to use the touch-screen controls to drive and turn it, try it in the garden – or let them custom build their own off-road terrain for the truck to take on.

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Kids review the Hexbug Off Road Truck toy as part of Officeworks’ Test Drive series.

The Verdict

“It was a little bit challenging,” says Sophia. “But it was overall super fun to build,” she adds. Moriah agrees, “it was fun to build and play with.”

Our Panel's Rating Out of 10

“I rate this Hex Robotic truck an 8 out of 10,” says Moriah. Sophia was even more enthusiastic, rating it 9 out of 10, “It was very fun!”