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Real Review: Google Pixel 4a Smartphone


| By Ellie Parker | November 24, 2020

We review the Google Pixel 4a smartphone – fast-charging battery, incredible camera and video features, as well as a sleek slimline design.

As a blogger, social media consultant and full-time student, Ellie Parker spends a large portion of her day on her smartphone – and she was in need of a new model with a top-of-the-line camera. She put the Google Pixel 4a to the test in all aspects of her life – including taking photographs and videos and easily updating her social media channels – for this smartphone review.

Read this review before you buy the Google Pixel 4a smartphone

Slimline Design

My first impression is it’s a really simple-looking phone and I love how slimline it is and that the screen goes all the way out to the edge. The phone is smaller than most phones I’ve owned, which means it fits perfectly in your back pocket, and I love that I can navigate it with one hand and it’s also super light. It seems like it can really keep up and I love how easy it is to switch between apps, which makes it really easy for me working across different social media apps.

Top-of-the-line Camera

I’m always looking for phones that have incredible cameras. I love the portrait mode on the Google Pixel 4a; you can increase and decrease contrast and brightness before you take the shot. It’s so detailed. The camera itself is only tiny and doesn’t take up too much of the screen. The colours are super sharp because it’s an OLED screen, they don’t wash out no matter what angle you’re watching it from.

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Read this review before you buy the Google Pixel 4a smartphone

Fast-charging Battery

There’s a lot of hype about the fast-charging battery for this phone. I use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every day for my job so it’s important to have a phone that can charge really fast. The battery is an adaptive battery: this means the phone figures out what apps you use the most and uses less power on the rarely used apps, which helps to conserve battery.

Easy Connections

The Google Pixel 4a connects via a simple USB-C connection which means I can connect easily to my computer – great when you need to transfer photos and videos on a daily basis like I do. One of my favourite things about this smartphone is the standard headphone port. Not many phones these days come with one but they’re so convenient for headphones I have lying around.

Rating: 9/10. The Google Pixel 4a smartphone offers incredible value for money. It is lightning fast, the camera and video features are incredible, the slimline design is great and it’s extremely user friendly.

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