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The Best Gifts for Mum This Christmas


| By Alex Greig | October 21, 2020

Looking for great present ideas for Mum? We’ve found the best gifts for Mum to make her Christmas extra-special this year.

Present ideas: our list of the best unique gifts for Mum this Christmas

Here’s the thing about mums at Christmastime: they go all-out. They shop. They cook. They work their fingertips raw wrapping gifts. They make misshapen gingerbread houses and rustic Christmas tree decorations. And do you know why? Because they love you. So you had better make their Christmas gift a good one. Luckily, we’re here to help with this list of the best gifts for Mum.

A Snazzy Diary

A soft leather cover makes this pretty Otto Week to View diary a little more special than average. Its B6 size makes it ideal to pop in a handbag, so she can write in it on the go and never forget a dinner date or an early-morning meeting.

A Wearable Fitness Tracker for a Healthy New Year

If getting fit and healthy is one of Mum’s New Year’s resolutions, put a Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Watch under the tree to help her get there. She’ll be able to keep track of everything from her calorie intake to her heart rate, access Fitbit’s range of on-screen workouts, and even do laps in the pool with it on. But there are added smartwatch perks to make Mum’s life easier: there’s built-in Amazon Alexa, it can access and control her Spotify playlists, and there’s even a Fitbit Pay system, so she won’t have to bring her wallet with her.

A Reusable Coffee Cup

Pinky-purple in colour, BPA-free, 350ml capacity and emblazoned with a direct order? What more could Mum want from her Otto Reusable coffee cup? Fill it for her and place it in her hand as she’s running out the door in the morning to make this one a gift that keeps on giving.

An Answer to Everything

If Mum’s getting a little hoarse from saying “no” to requests for more screen time and the message isn’t getting across, this novelty gift “No!” Button could turn out to be an all-time favourite. With the touch of a button, Mum will be able to answer every request from "Are we there yet?" to “Can I have another ice-cream?”

Best gifts for Mum – unique and personalised present ideas for Christmas this year

A Beautiful Set of Coloured Pencils

Just thinking about Derwent takes most adults straight back to primary school, where a tin of these richly pigmented pencils was an object of envy. Ask your mum what her favourite Derwent colour is – she’ll come back with, “Emerald Green!” or “Crimson Lake!”, we guarantee. This 72-piece watercolour set would have thrilled mini-Mum, but we reckon present-day Mum will be pretty pleased too, whether she’s working on her drawing skills or on board with adult colouring-in books.

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 Every mum will love getting these unique gifts and cool tech for Christmas

A Smart Desk Accessory for Her Devices

This nifty little bamboo box looks like a letter organiser, but in actual fact it’s a Smorgasbord charging station with five USB ports. Mum can keep all her devices neatly stacked here while they’re charging, and it has interchangeable stands and six cable ties to keep the desk space tidy. What’s more, it has intelligent power allocation so it provides more juice for the more demanding devices.

An e-Reader She Can Drop in the Bath

If your mum has a shelf full of books with pages crinkly from being accidentally dropped in the bath, she’s probably shunned an e-reader in the past. But they’ve come a long way since the first Kindle came on the market in 2011. The Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof eReader has a screen that looks like real paper with no glare; the brightness is adjustable; it has 8GB of memory for a full library; and best of all, it’s waterproof. Preload it with her to-read list and that’s her holiday reading taken care of.

A Way to Capture Memories on the Spot

Mums, with their genetic urge to capture the minutiae of their children’s lives from the moment they're born, are always snapping away with their smartphones. Give them a cute Fuji Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera, and then Mum will be able to have the instant gratification of a real photo in her hands, instead of a family album in the cloud.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The answer to the question, “What’s the most treasured item in your house?” used to be kids, pets, photo albums, jewellery. There’s something about leafing through a photo album that can’t quite compare to thousands of files on a computer hard drive. This year, buy Mum a special photo album and fill it with happy memories before you give it to her. In fact, maybe get her two – one for future memories she can fill herself.

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And Another Great Gift for Mum This Christmas...

A Luxurious Personalised Robe

Every woman needs a robe, preferably one that makes her feel like she’s staying in a five-star hotel with a butler a quick summons away to run a bath and bring her a glass of bubbles. This one, made from 100 per cent cotton, comes with her name embroidered on it in your choice of coloured thread and font. (Hot Tip: allow 7-10 business days for personalised items.)