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Real Review: Fitbit Sense Smart Fitness Watch


| January 4, 2021

We review the Fitbit Sense smart watch and its health and sleep trackers.

Photographer and blogger Kristine Fernandez leads an active life – and she was curious to track her stats when it came to working out, going about her day and the quality of her sleep. She tried out the Fitbit Sense for a week to see how well it fit into her life, and what healthy habits she could adopt, for this fitness smart watch review.

Detailed Fitness Tracking

We review the Fitbit Sense Smart Fitness Watch to see how well it tracks your fitness.

I’m an active person, I work out about three times a week, so I was interested to see how this tracked my activity. There’s a built-in GPS which means phone-free running and different exercise modes – if I wanted to take a swim, I could just jump straight in because the Fitbit Sense app tracks swimming.

I sense-tracked a lot of my stats including pace, distance, average and max heart rate, time, calories burnt, active zone minutes, steps and elevation.

Understand Your Sleep

The Fitbit Sense Smart Fitness Watch is waterproof and has built-in GPS.

I’ve been wanting to build a better wind-down routine because I sometimes feel like my mind is still busy when I go to bed. The watch has an EDA scan app, which detects electrodermal activity, so it can tell you how your body is responding to stress. All you need to do is place your palm on the display.

I wore the Fitbit Sense for a few nights so I can see I have a pattern. The sleep tracker told me I slept for 7 hours and 35 minutes and it gives it a score. It also tells me my sleep stages (REM, light, deep); it really breaks it down. There’s even more information on the mobile app – it gives you a graph and tells you your sleeping hours. I was tossing and turning 8% of the time! There is so much data; it’s epic.

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Simple Syncing

I can control music that plays on my phone from the watch so I don’t have to be by my phone to change tracks. I also synced my watch with my smartphone so I receive real-time alerts whenever I get a phone call or a message.

The Fitbit Pay app is already on the watch, which means I can leave my wallet at home and pay with just a tap of my wrist. Then, when it’s ready to recharge, you just place it on its charging dock. The battery lasts up to six days so that gives me almost a week’s worth of wear.

Sleek Design

The watch comes in two colour options, white and gold or carbon and graphite, and it comes with a small and large strap. I’m a small. And it matches my outfit – it matches a lot of them!

Rating: 9/10. I love getting stats and facts about health and wellness, they keep me accountable and motivated to keep improving. My favourite functions were the EDA scan, where I could see my heart rate before and after the 2-minute Calm sessions, and the Sleep function. I really enjoyed the GPS function, too. The only reason it’s a 9/10 instead of 10/10 is that the voice-to-text function is not yet available on iPhone, but the “quick replies” do a great job to suffice in the interim.

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