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Creative Christmas Gift Ideas to Surprise and Delight


| By Alexis Teasdale | November 02, 2020

We've found the best creative gift ideas to DIY for your family and friends this Christmas, from designing aprons and jewellery to making Christmas pudding.

Creative gift ideas to make for friends and family as DIY presents this Christmas.

’Tis the season to be crafty! If you want to wrap up some handmade and heartfelt presents this year, we’ve come up with all sorts of creative gift ideas that will show them you know them. In this clever list, there’s something for all your loved ones – parents, siblings, cousins, besties, and more.

Design an Apron

A unique personalised apron is one of many creative gift ideas for Christmas

This present idea is perfect for the loved one you always count on for a batch of delicious Christmas shortbread. Paint or draw on a ready-made apron such as the Born Artist Apron, which can be worn straight away. A mess-free way to create your art is to use permanent markers, such as Sharpies or fabric markers, but if you’re not feeling totally confident, you can sketch out your design in pencil first, then go over the top in marker.

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Tie-dye a Top

Try these cool creative Christmas gift ideas including a DIY tie-dye t-shirt

Thanks to so much home-time this year, comfy clothing has become an essential – but it doesn’t have to be grey and sloppy! Tie-dye is back on trend and a fun activity to do at home. Buy or dig out a basic white nightie, tracksuit or t-shirt, pop on some gloves and start creating. Look for kits with cool colour palettes, instead of individual dyes, to ensure a final product that’s more artistic than abstract.

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Prep a Christmas Cookie Jar

A make-your-own cookie jar mix is a great homemade creative Christmas gift idea

Gift a friend almost everything they need to bake their own Christmas cookies by layering all the dry ingredients beautifully in a jar. Buy a clear glass jar like the Lemon & Lime Glass Jar, then add in layers (tap the base of the jar to keep each layer straight) of chocolate buttons, cranberries, nuts, dried fruits, self-raising flour, brown sugar, spices and whatever extra dry essentials you use in your cookie recipe. Create your own label to pop on the front of the jar, with another on the back, listing the fresh elements they need to add, like butter and eggs. You never know – your giftees may turn up on your doorstep with a plate of treats down the track!

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Create a Unique Statement Necklace

This DIY necklace is one of many great creative gift ideas for Christmas

Channel your inner designer by making a chunky bead necklace for a special piece of costume jewellery your aunt or mum won’t find in any store. Paint wooden beads, like these Little Learner ones, with luminous metallic paints and leave to dry, before stringing them all together using ribbon or twine. Add a little wooden disc with a DIY design or Christmas message to finish.

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Design Custom Christmas Tree Ornaments

Try making these homemade tree ornaments as creative gift ideas for Christmas

You can’t get more festive than tree ornaments. Christmas decorations are presents that keep on giving, with family and friends able to display your talent on their tree year after year. Using air-dry clay, they’re easy to make from scratch without needing to bake them in the oven (which also makes them an ideal family-friendly Christmas craft project). Simply cut out your shape – cookie cutters are an easy way to start – then add texture using materials, botanicals or even kitchen utensils. Once you’re happy with the shape, add a hole to thread through the tie, leave it to dry and paint it or add colour using permanent markers. Don’t forget to add the year and your initials on the back.

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Make a Home for Special Trinkets

 Try this creative gift idea for a handmade trinket box this Christmas

A beautiful handmade box for a loved one’s most treasured piece of jewellery is a thoughtful present – they’ll think of you every time they open it up. Up-cycle an old box or look for a small, plain one at your local hardware store. Decorate it by either adding a personal message or by painting, drawing or even collaging, using images from magazines or photos. Pick a colour palette – like the dreamy ice-cream hues of the Reeves acrylic pastel pack – to keep the box design cohesive.

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Print a Placemat

Unique DIY placemats are easy to make creative gift ideas for Christmas

Whip up something special for the Christmas Day table with DIY-designed placemats. Use ready-made mats such as the Little Learner Wooden Placemats or some small balsa wood pieces as your base. Then, print out designs at your local Officeworks to decorate them. Anything from old Christmas carol sheet music to photos of treasured moments will look so sweet on a festive table. Glue them onto the bases, and use a light brush of clear craft glue over the top to create a lacquered finish.

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