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Real Review: GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera


| February 5, 2021

We review the GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera, including its ability to shoot video and still footage and stream straight to social media.

Looking for a versatile video and still camera? Melbourne video content creator Tina Pik put the new GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera to the test, trying it out in a variety of modes and locations — even a water park.

Super-smooth Footage and Slowmo

The GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera comes with everything you need to take smooth, clear video

My favourite feature with the GoPro Hero9 is the slow-motion function. The camera captures up to 240 frames per second, making it amazing for super slowmo shots. I loved being able to press a button on the screen to produce slowmo footage and switch on stabilisation without having to go into the menu. The footage also comes out super stable, which is great for action shots or trying to take videos while running after kids without getting dizzy replaying it. Even when I was moving and walking, the footage I shot was smooth; not jumpy at all. I also liked the “Field of View” option where you can select between a wide angle of view and linear field of view, to help eliminate the fish-eye effect

Stream Straight to Social Media

This is another really awesome feature. I can stream straight to my social channels because it has a webcam function for live streaming. It’s super easy to set up, I just plug it in using the USB-C cable and off I go.

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It Doubles as a Normal Camera

The GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera takes still images as well as video.

You can take stills with GoPro Hero9 as well, which means you don’t need to bring along an extra camera — this is all you need. The 20 megapixel image sensor means that more light will come into your shots and you’ll have better quality photos. The end result is shots that are super crisp and clean.

It’s the Go-Anywhere Choice

I can take it to the beach, swimming pool or water park and not worry about the kids getting it wet or splashing it because it’s waterproof up to 10 metres. It also comes in this really cool case which is super handy for transporting.

Rating: 7/10. It’s a great pocket camera for on-the-go use, and especially summer activities where water is involved, so you don't have to worry about your phone getting wet or dirty trying to capture moments. I found the GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera to be a great all-rounder that is light, compact and you could pretty much take anywhere.

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