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The Hottest Gaming Technology for 2021


| By Alex Kidman | May 31, 2021

Looking to upgrade your gaming gear? We’ve found the best gaming technology from gaming chairs to gaming laptops to make your gaming time more fun.

We’ve found the best gaming technology from gaming chairs to gaming laptops.

Gaming isn’t only the province of the totally games-obsessed any more. It’s a mainstream hobby, with Aussies spending more than $4 billion annually on their gaming time and research suggesting more than 90% of Australian homes have a device on which games have been played. Whether you’re shopping for a gift for the gamer in your life, or looking to score an upgrade on your existing (or ageing) gaming technology, these products will help take your gaming to the next level.

Top Gaming Headsets and Speakers

A good gaming headset and a set of speakers are essential pieces of gaming technology.

If you haven’t screamed for joy at that perfect play in a way that your foes can hear, did you really make it? A good gaming headset is a must, whether you’re trash-talking enemies or coordinating an attack with your fellow teammates. It’s also vital if you’re streaming online through services such as Twitch to keep your commentary flowing through an onboard microphone and entice viewers to stay logged in and support your efforts.

Hot Tip: Before you take to the digital battlefield, try positioning your headphone’s inbuilt microphone a few different ways to find the best placement for clear audio without clipping or sounding distant.

Best Mechanical Gaming Mouse and Gaming Keyboards

A gaming mouse and keyboard are gaming technology that can help improve your game.

You can always game with the mouse and keyboard that came with your desktop or, in a pinch, the trackpad and keyboard on your laptop. But you’ll be operating with a significant handicap against folks using dedicated and hard-wearing mechanical keyboards and a gaming mouse with high scan rates and macro buttons.

Great Gaming Laptops

A gaming laptop has the added benefits of more graphics power and harder-wearing keyboards.

No longer are Solitaire and MineSweeper the only games worth playing on a laptop. Combining your gaming passions with a more mobile device makes a lot of sense, whether it’s for portability or space-saving reasons. A dedicated gaming laptop can double as a work machine with the added benefits of more graphics power and harder-wearing keyboards.

New Gaming Chairs and Desks

Don't forget about finding a great gaming chair or desk when upgrading your gaming technology

Gaming chairs not only support you through those epic gaming sessions (although you should remember to take a break every once in a while!), they’re also a fun way to delineate your gaming life from your regular life, with most modern gaming chairs featuring slick and eye-catching designs that remind you that you’re here to game, not to shuffle spreadsheets. Complete your set up with a purpose-designed gaming desk.

HOT TIP: Check the weight requirements for a given chair; trying to squeeze your frame into a chair that’s too small won’t lead to gaming joy.

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Best Gaming Technology for Your Twitch or YouTube Stream

The best gaming technology for streaming includes microphones, powerboards and webcams.

Game streaming is attracting massive Australian audiences, so your greatest gaming achievements don’t have to remain a secret any longer. More than half of all Australian gamers regularly watch YouTube gaming streams, follow eSports teams and use streams to improve their own gameplay. You’re not guaranteed fame or sponsorships if you dive into the world of game streaming – but it all starts with getting the right gear.

What You'll Need

  • Blue Yeti 3-Capsule USB Microphone Black: Yeti’s Blue microphone has a solid stand and variety of capture patterns, so you can adjust your audio for perfect gaming presentations. It also has headphone connectivity, so you can keep on gaming while you chat.
  • Audio-Technica Content Creator Pack: Set your streaming gear up right the first time with a microphone, headphones, boom arm and tripod to ensure the right audio in the right presentation style.
  • Belkin 8 Outlet Powerboard with 2 USB Ports 2.4A: Dedicated streaming needs power for your PC, your monitors, your lighting, your webcam – it can get crowded quickly on a regular powerboard. Belkin’s eight-outlet option also includes USB ports, so you can quickly charge peripherals such as gaming mice and controllers.
  • Jackson 4 Outlet 4 USB Surge Protected Powerboard: The last thing you want when you’re on the final level of your epic game stream is a power surge that knocks you offline and fries your gear. With individually switched sockets, this four-socket board keeps the power flowing.