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The Best Christmas Gifts Under $50


| By Alex Greig | October 19, 2020

Got a Christmas budget for gifts under $50? Look no further: we’ve found the best gifts for everyone in your life from kids to colleagues.

A list of the best Christmas gifts under $50 for everyone in your life from Officeworks

Buying Christmas gifts under $50 is a budget that covers all manner of presents, from office Kris Kringles and stocking stuffers to even the big bow-wrapped present under the tree. We’ve compiled a list of excellent present ideas for $50 and under that will have you in the running to beat Santa for the title of best – and thriftiest – gift giver.

Headphones for Active Friends, $39

Best ideas for Christmas gifts under $50: active sport headphones for joggers

Know a jogger or gym-junkie – or someone with grand New Year plans to become one? These sweat-proof headphones fit securely to the ears so they won’t fall out even during vigorous movement and they also connect to devices via Bluetooth. With up to five hours of playback time, too – that’s enough for a jog, the gym… and the commute.

A Beautiful Print, from $6.50

Best ideas for cool Christmas gifts under $50: graphic comic poster art for kids and teens

Interior decorators setting up a gallery wall or someone looking to add some colour to their bedroom will love a special piece of art, so add a few gorgeous shiny poster prints to their collection this Christmas. There’s a selection of licensed works by different photographers – think idyllic scenes of Byron Bay and the Amalfi Coast, or cool graphic posters, such as Spider-Man – that you can have custom-printed. You can even add a frame for immediate hanging.

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Best Christmas gifts under $50: fun ideas for friends, family and more

A Sleek Wireless Charger, $44.88

Your fastidious co-worker will appreciate this neat little gadget. It looks like a desktop organiser for paper clips and pens – and it certainly can serve that purpose – but this understated bamboo tray is much more. Simply place any Qi-enabled smartphone in the rectangular space and an LED light will indicate that charging has begun; there's no need to even remove the phone case. Once the device is charged, it automatically goes into energy-saving mode.

A Gift That Sucks, $17.95

This tiny vacuum is an excellent tool for any computer-bound colleague. Whether they are dust-averse or slightly slovenly, a mini-vacuum will be a welcome gift for hoovering particles from tricky corners or sucking stray crumbs from between computer keys after too many lunches al desko.

A Trustworthy Confidante, $39.95

Ever heard of morning pages? It's a daily practice created by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, to help unleash creativity and many people swear by it. The idea is to scribble three pages directly from your stream of consciousness as soon as you wake up. This stylish A5 notebook will make the process even more satisfying for the aspiring writer, and the refillable book comes with cream-coloured pages ready to brim with works of genius. Just make sure your present recipient dedicates their first novel to you.

A Fresh Slate, $39.95

The new year is an excellent time to begin working towards goals, making to-do lists and generally doing some life admin to see where everything’s at. Give this Rhodia Goal Book to someone who’s planning a fresh start in 2021: there are 224 numbered pages, an undated calendar and monthly page overviews to help keep them organised.

Magnets for a Scrabble Master, $14.95

With more than 100 pieces, including triple-word, triple-letter and double-word score tiles, this set of Scrabble fridge magnets encourages word-creation as you’re waiting for the toast to pop. Challenge a housemate to an ongoing game and word-nerds will be making excuses to go to the fridge, just to have their turn.

A Bookworm’s Best Mate, $7.95

Bibliophiles who love nothing more than reading into the wee hours will be grateful for this cute little book light. Instead of having to reassure grumpy bedmates they’ll “just finish this chapter!”, readers can switch on this tiny lamp and point its LED light directly at the pages.

A Love-themed Snow Globe, $9.95

This one’s for the lovers. Create a personalised love-themed snow globe using a photo of your choice – think weddings, first dates, perhaps one of your own attractive visage; may we also recommend this gift as a fitting homage to beloved pets. As it’s shaken, this small dome (9cm x 8.5cm) becomes awash with red love hearts. Awwww. Hot Tip: Allow 7-10 business days for personalised products.)

An Encouraging Start to the Day, $7.95

Sometimes, you need a little boost to get through Monday morning. This quippy reusable cup is an ideal vessel for much-needed caffeine while also offering some moral support. This is how you can let your friend know: she’s got this.

A Special Message from Spider-Man, $12.95

A little Spider-Man fan will feel their Spidey senses tingling as they open this super-fun snow-globe. And when they see their own name – or a unique message – over their favourite character, they’ll be truly won over. In addition to Spider-Man, there are other Marvel characters, Disney Pixar and Star Wars designs to choose from.

A Cool Drink of Water, $24.99

Single-use plastics are out in a major way and BYO is in, so if you know someone who needs to cut the plastic, give them this flask – they’ll never go back. The insulated Thermos Funtainer Vacuum drink bottle keeps cold drinks cool for up to 12 hours – which means if they carry the flask around in a backpack all day, the contents remain as refreshing as if you pulled it straight from the fridge.

What To Try

A Travel Planner, $35.96

Best Christmas gifts under $50 for the frequent traveller: a world map for planning

There’s no better time to start planning a true grand tour than the new year. While many exotic locales are off-limits for now, that means there’s ample time to research your dream destination. Give this cool J. Burrows World Map Cork Board to a future traveller – they can use thumbtacks to mark the destinations of choice and to pin on travel inspiration.

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Best Christmas gifts under $50: cool present ideas for younger kids and teens

A Family Bonding Project, $34.95

This kit is suitable for kids aged eight and up, but it’s definitely not a cinch. In fact, it’s a great project for kids and parents to work on together – requiring teamwork and problem-solving skills. And when you’ve built the disc-shooter, it then provides hours of fun. With a little practice and technique, see who can shoot the spinning discs the furthest.

The Ultimate Selfie-aid, $49

The selfie is here to stay so if you know someone who is a big fan of the self-portrait, help them perfect the style. This bluetooth selfie stick has a universal clamp to work with any smartphone, an extendable pole for group shots (so everyone’s head can make it into the frame) and a bluetooth remote for hands-free photography. This stick also works with GoPros, so it's useful for filming action shots, too.

A Puzzle with a Difference, $42.99

Anyone who honed their puzzling skills over lockdown will be looking for a new challenge. Ravensburger’s Eiffel Tower Puzzle puts a 3D spin on the genre, with 216 pieces coming together to form a 44cm-high masterpiece. The best bit is that after the project is complete, there’s no need to dismantle it – put it on display and dream of the day you can see Paris in the flesh.

The Best Kids Toy Ever, $19.98

Wooden blocks are hands-down the best present for little kids. From as early as 18 months they’ll happily sit and try to stack them (and squeal with destructive delight if you build a tower for them to knock down); then they may start to sort them by colour and shape and make ever-more precarious structures. Once they’re older, they’ll be able to create amazing constructions from their own imaginations.

A DIY Racing Car, $24

A cool kit for a young car enthusiast or a budding engineer, this Vex Gear Racer Kit utilises their STEM skills (don’t worry, they’ll be having too much fun to realise they’re learning). With more than 180 snap-together pieces such as wheels, gear sets and rubber bands, kids can make their very own car that uses kinetic energy to go.

A Magic Camera, $28.88

Yes, you can get a special camera onto a list of Christmas gifts under $50! No matter how many lenses they fit on a smartphone, nothing comes close to the thrill of underwater photography – and we wouldn’t recommend diving with your iPhone. Instead, this underwater disposable camera by Polaroid is water-resistant for 10 metres, so it’s excellent for the pool or summer holiday snorkelling. It may take younger generations a moment to get the hang of it – wind, point, shoot – but waiting for the film to be developed is an old-fashioned buzz they’ll love.

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