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Chalk Art Ideas: Fun and Easy Activities for Kids


| By Amy Vagne | June 24, 2020

Looking for creative activities to do this weekend or during school holidays? How about some fun and easy chalk art for kids to do in your backyard or footpath.

Kids of every age and stage love drawing with chalk because it’s engaging and accessible. Armed with just a bucket of coloured chalk and their imagination, they can get their hands dirty and join in the fun, no matter their level of skill. For parents, chalk art is a dream pastime – it's cheap, easy and mostly mess-free, and encourages kids to play outdoors. Best of all, clean-up is basically non-existent as a spot of rain will do the trick. The learning benefits are endless, as drawing and writing with chalk improves dexterity, enhances creativity and supports literacy development. Need a jumping off point? The following activities and ideas are sure to get the creative juices flowing.

Draw Pretty, Cute or Fearsome Creatures

Younger kids will love creating these super easy animal chalk art drawings.

Drawing cute chalk art creatures is tons of fun and relatively easy for kids – most of them know what a bird or a butterfly looks like! For kids still learning to master their fine motor skills, start with geometric-based designs, like a round fish with a triangular tail. Draw an animal outline and let your little ones add in colourful details like scales, spots or feathers.

Keep older kids occupied with these fun and creative animal chalk art drawing ideas.

Older children can experiment with more intricate animals – think geckos, dogs or tigers, the sky's the limit! Make things extra-educational – once you’ve drawn a kangaroo, spend some time together researching roos online and learn about their fascinating features.

Be Inspired by Nature

Easy and educational chalk drawings for kids to try on their own.

Suns, stars, flowers and rainbows are a great place to start with chalk art. These simple and cheerful designs are easy to doodle so kids won’t need as much adult guidance. Plus, mini-artists can experiment with colours and techniques like blending and shading. Challenge them to draw the biggest star or the longest flower chain possible and you’ll also incorporate an element of exercise and gross motor skill manipulation. There are also plenty of options for spontaneous learning – draw a rainbow and discuss ROYGBIV or create a flower with perfect petals and voila, you’ve got an excellent mini-lesson in symmetry.

Spread Joy with Inspirational Messages 

Chalk art messages let kids practise their handwriting motor skills in a fun way.

Make your neighbourhood a happier place and let the kids practise their chalk art lettering skills with a sweet, uplifting message left on a wall or common footpath. Choose clever catchphrases like “Don’t worry, be happy” or “Turn that frown upside down” or write compliments like “I love your smile” or “You’re excellent’’. And let them feel free to experiment with crazy colours and fonts, or offer up silly jokes or sweet poems.

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Become a Part of the Masterpiece 

Creative Instagram friendly chalk art ideas for kids to have fun with at home.

We love this interactive chalk art idea that’s Instagram-friendly. Create the ultimate photo op by drawing a bunch of colourful balloons, a parachute or a pair of fairy wings. Rally the kids to position themselves perfectly and then fill your camera roll with funny snaps. This cute concept would also work well with a giant ice cream cone, thought bubbles or a wacky hat. Or get really creative and create a scene fit for a postcard with the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background.

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