Why invest in Connected Office and Home technologies?

Connected Office and Home Technology gives you more power to monitor and control your workspace. You can integrate security cameras, alarms, motion sensors, WiFi-connected lighting and plugs, and thermostats to control from your computer, smartphone or tablet close by or remotely.

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SwannOne combines smart security solutions with home automation and energy management.

SwannOne offers connected home automation functions to secure your home and loved ones, making your home a smart home. The SwannOne app allows you to monitor and control your home from anywhere with mobile alerts to keep you updated when a sensor has been triggered. The smart 720p HD SoundView camera will notify you if it detects motion so you can view it remotely, while the hub listens out for glass door and window breakage.

SwannOne Featured Product
SwannOne Featured Product

Features at a glance

Smart category


Use your smartphone or tablet to monitor and control your workspace.

Efficent category


Manage appliances and energy usage through your smartphone or tablet.

Accessible cateogry


Remotely lock or unlock doors and windows;l allowing people entry when required.

Comfortable category


Remotely monitor and set temperatures of your home or business using your smartphone or tablet.

Convenient category


Switch lighting on and off or adjust the lighting intensity in different rooms.

Alert Category


Receive mobile alerts when motion or glass breaking is detected.

Watchful category


Link cameras to your smartphone and monitor your workspace from home.