Qudo, exclusive to Officeworks, is designed to take our everyday tech tools and turn them from ordinary to something special.

Combining aesthetics and functionality, Qudo also focusses on creating products that are attractive, bold and smart to suit your modern décor and personal preferences.

Dedicated to technology, Qudo includes a range of options to support your digital lifestyle.

Designed to perform

Our range of headphones, radios and speakers will produce quality sound whether you’re taking a call at work from your desktop or listening to music while you’re working out or simply on the go.

Creative connectivity

There are multi-chargers, keyboards and mice to support your needs whether you’re web browsing, filling out Excel spreadsheets at work or gaming at home.

Qudo technology products will help you to stay connected with friends, colleagues and family members and is ideal for use by students or home and micro-businesses.

Qudo Headphones

You’ll be sure to find a technology item to support your needs below: