Stock Up On Back-to-School Supplies

Officeworks has everything you need to top up for back to school. Shop in store or online for notebooks, stationery, art supplies, lunch boxes, drink bottles, school backpacks and other school list essentials. When it comes to back to school stationery and supplies, Officeworks has got you covered.

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Get set for school with these helpful tools

Officeworks Back to School Appeal

Officeworks is supporting the Smith Family with our Back to School Appeal to help disadvantaged children with their school supplies. Donate in-store or online and help us ensure that every child has the school supplies they need this year.

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Tech Selector

Laptop or tablet? Need help deciding what is the best technology for your child? Find the right device by using our handy interactive tech selector.

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Get Back-to-School Ready with Expert Tips

Want to stimulate your child's brain development? Get them writing

Research shows that learning to write by hand stimulates growing minds.

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The secret to learning? Make space for this one thing.

Want to give kids the tools for success? Let them play.

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Buying tech for kids? Here’s what you need to know

Insights from one of Australia’s most trusted voices in tech.

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There’s a simple way to help all kids understand science and maths. Here’s how

Finding fun applications for maths, science, technology is key to fostering a lifelong love of STEM subjects

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A teacher’s guide to the summer holidays

Teacher's Tips: what you can do to help your child prepare for the new school year

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Four ways to get your kids ready for high school

For the best experience of high school, here’s how students should prepare

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Why I always leave pens and paper on the table

With these ideas, enabling your child’s creativity has never been easier.

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How to make your own lunchbox icepack

Keep your school lunches fresh all day. In this how-to video, Officeworks shows you how to create an icepack for your lunchbox, so that your drinks stay cool and your food stays delicious.

How to personalise your stationery

Add a personal touch to your school stationery. A simple and easy way to keep track of your school supplies with a touch of personality, using duct tape from Officeworks.

How to Remember Everything You Need for School

Back to school is always a hectic time for kids and parents! If you’re worried about your children forgetting stationery or supplies on their first day back, follow our handy guide to remembering everything they need for school. Simply place a photo of their school items near your front door so you can check everything off before they leave the house. Helping them to pack their backpacks the night before is also a great time saver.

How to contact your schoolbooks bubble free

In this how-to video we show you the best way to contact your school books without any of those annoying bubbles or wrinkles.

How to Personalise Tech for School

Adding name labels to your children’s clothing ensures they won’t get lost at school. Why not do the same for their tech? Using sticker paper and your preferred designs, you can easily add trendy labels to your children’s phone, tablet or computer so they can easily be identified.