Survival tips for working through
the Christmas holidays


It can make you feel a tiny bit sad when you’re working through the Christmas holidays while the rest of your team is posting photos of themselves poolside on social media, having a great time with family and friends, or travelling around.

But there are a few ways you can add a little festive cheer into your workday; and even a strategy or two that could help you get ahead in the new year.


Talk to people outside of your team


If you work at a large office, you might not regularly interact with people outside of your team.

Christmas is a great time to branch out and get to know colleagues you might not get a chance to speak to during the year.

You’ll also have the opportunity to make a new friend, and who doesn’t love new friends?

Great discussions at a work meeting

Work for treats


For every task you tick off your to-do list, reward yourself with something you enjoy: a piece of chocolate, a 10-minute walk around the park across from the office, reading a few pages of your book, eating another five pieces of chocolate… whatever puts you in a great mood.

Studies back the theory of working for incentives.

Working for non-monetary incentives increased performance by 13 per cent, a study from The International Society for Performance Improvement found.

Though, if you’re working for food treats, it might be a good idea to set a maximum treat per-day limit!

Baking is a great new skill to learn over the holidays

Replace social media with educational reading


When everyone else is enjoying the summer sun while you’re working away it can lead to feelings of loneliness, boredom, or even envy.

Resist the urge to refresh your social media news feed and instead check out inspirational and educational articles online during your breaks or downtime.

You might learn something new; perhaps even something that might inspire you to start a new work project that could impress your boss.

Beautiful bookshelf filled with books and games

Play music in the office, maybe even aloud


You know how you always feel a really happy bopping along to your favourite song?

Why not harness that happiness factor while you’re working?

If there are other people near your workspace who are also working, check with them whether they mind you playing music aloud.

If you need to keep your music to your ears only, bring your headphones and play your favourite tunes through your phone or a music-streaming service like Spotify.

Headphones and MacBook for work

Make the most of a lighter workload

Though it’s not exactly thrilling that you’re working during the holidays, you might find your workload is a little lighter than usual.

So why not use the extra time you have in your workdays to put together a business case for a project you want to lead?

Investing in a project that might help you work towards a pay rise or a promotion in the New Year is a productive use of your time.

Perhaps set aside an hour a day (or more if you have the availability) to work on your proposal.

Because it’s a project you’re passionate about, you might even find your enthusiasm extends to the rest of your work. Bonus!