Work from home? Create a better routine
to work more productively

While working from home sounds like a dream, seasoned freelancers, home business operators and telecommuters know that it also takes serious discipline and dedication. Working efficiently from the comforts of a home office can be a huge challenge, especially if you’re working remotely for the first time.

Here are five habits work-from-home freelancers and business owners can learn from an office worker:

1. Have a routine

It’s easy to forego your morning ritual when you’re working from home. But what we lack in structure, we need to make up for with self-discipline. It takes a while for our minds to transition from sleep to a productive mindset. That’s why it’s important to build simple tasks like showering and making breakfast into your pre-work morning routine.


2. Embrace travel time

If you’ve recently started working from home, don’t be surprised to find that you actually miss your morning commute. Travelling to and from work gives us time to respond to emails, tune into your favourite radio show or catch up on news. Life can be hectic, so set aside time every morning and evening to transition your mind from work to relaxation time.


3. Create a home office

When you’re at home, you’ll soon find that family, roommates and pets can distract you from your work. Having a designated workspace – a study or a quiet corner of the house – will become a buffer for distractions and help increase productivity.


4. Establish a work mindset

Homes are designed for comfort and relaxation, whereas the office is designed for work. It can be difficult to separate work time from personal time when you work from home. Giving your workspace purpose and flow will help you be more focused on the tasks at hand.

home office work from home more productively

5. Turn off and go home

Your mind is constantly at work when you don’t get to ‘go home’ at the end of the day. Limit yourself to normal working hours and log off once business hours are over. Plan after-work activities and have fun on the weekends – you’ve earned it!

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