808 Dude: the sweet smell of success

After failing to find an aluminium-free deodorant for her 11 year old son, Melbourne mum and former health and beauty journalist, Carolyn Palliardi, developed the 808 Dude range.

It’s Australia’s first natural personal care brand designed specifically for teenage boys.


“Every mother with a teen son knows how important personal grooming is at this stage of their life”, Carolyn says.

“I wanted to offer a natural choice as opposed to the chemical products already on the market targeting older men. There were no clearly identifiable products for teen boys.”

The concerned mum spotted a gap in the market, and after thorough research, crafted a business plan for her brand.

Carolyn created the 808 Dude range from organic and natural ingredients, and decided on street art-inspired packaging to add appeal.
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“Don’t be afraid to bring your idea to life,” Carolyn says. “You’ll never know what you’re capable of if you don’t follow your dream.”

With such a strong niche in the market, the demand was strong even before the products rolled off the production line in 2012.

Carolyn has since expanded the range to include acne face washes and shampoos, with global reach.

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Despite her current success, Carolyn admits that she had to overcome many challenges when she first established her business in 2010. “I’ve laid awake at night worrying,” she reminisces. “You’ve got to be prepared to work on your business seven days a week.”

Carolyn encourages budding businesses to persevere. She believes persistence and dedication helped her push through challenges and setbacks.

“Believe in your brand, ask questions and find new ways to overcome roadblocks,” she says. “I look at my son every day and it reinforces the success of our products – he’s still my inspiration!”