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Smart Doorlocks & Doorbells

Swann DIY Doorbell Kit This Swann DIY Doorbell Kit includes a wireless system to alert you when someone is at the door for added convenience and security. You can choose for the receiver to light up and ring, with the option of 3 sounds levels or you can use it in silent mode with flashing blue lights. It has a long wireless range and is easy to mount and install so you can do it yourself. Swann Video Door Phone The Swann Video Door Phone allows you to see, hear and speak to visitors before opening the door. It has a 2 way intercom and infrared lights allowing you to see in low light conditions. The colour, brightness and tone settings are adjustable so you can customise it to suit your personality. Lockwood Keyless Wireless Digital Deadbolt This Lockwood Keyless Wireless Digital Deadbolt has a wireless design and can be connected to your computer or smart phone allowing you to control locks and other devices even when you're away. It's tamper proof and will sound an audible alarm if someone is forcibly trying to open a door. There are many ways you can customise the design including the option of automatic relocking, voice guided programming and more. Ring Chime White The Ring Chime works with your Ring Video Doorbell to alert you when you have a visitor even if your phone is in another room. It's quick and easy to use, simply plug it in and connect it to your Wife network and you're ready to go.
Swann DIY Doorbell Kit
Swann Video Door Phone
Lockwood Keyless Wireless Digital Deadbolt
Ring Chime White