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Drawing & Drafting

Whether you're a student, draftsman, architect or artist, items in the drawing and drafting section will help you achieve professional results. Our range includes art pens and pencils, calligraphy implements, chalk and charcoal, pastels and crayons, compasses and protractors, stencils, templates and tracing paper.



Studymate Compass Assorted Colours

The Studymate Compass has an adjustable pencil grip and a short safety point which makes it easy to use. It has a sturdy and lightweight plastic construction so it's great for keeping handy in your pencil case or desk drawer.
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Derwent Graphic Sketching Pencils Soft 12 Pack

These Derwent Graphic Sketching Pencils are perfect for sketching and creating artwork thanks to their highly pigmented graphite core. This pack comes with a soft spectrum of grades that are perfect for making delicate shades and tones. The matte black barrel has a hexagonal shape which gives you greater control over your work.
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Celco 26cm 45 Degrees Set Square White

This Celco Set Square is perfect for all artists, designers, architects and mathematicians. It has been designed with a tracing edge that will let you use it with fine, mechanical pencil lead and ink. This set square has been made from durable plastic and has measurements up to 15 cm in 1 cm increments.
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