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Watercolour Paint

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Educational Colours Tempdisc Palette Refills 9 Colours The Educational Colours Tempdisc Palette is a convenient tool to have for mixing and containing paints. These are the watercolour paints that you can use to refill the palette making your palette long lasting. These paints won't dry out in storage making them easy to look after and maintain. Educational Colours Tempdisc Palette 9 Colours The Educational Colours Tempdisc Palette is a convenient tool to have for mixing and containing paints. The palette is made from plastic which is easy to wash making for fast and tidy cleaning at the end of the day. The watercolour paints included will not deteriorate in storage and are instantly able to be used again by simply adding water. Reeves Water Colour Paint Set 10mL 18 Pack This Reeves Water Colour Set will allow you to create supple works of art that are translucent with brilliant clarity. These watercolour paints have high quality colour pigments and blend superbly creating so many more colour combinations for you to look at. You won't have to worry about a mess as watercolour paints are easy to wash off brushes, skin and clothes. Reeves Gouache Paint Set 12 Pack This Reeves Gouache Paint Set will allow you to accomplish the same finish as watercolour paints but with increased opacity that will create fuller coverage in your work. Gouache is full of pigment with less water needed making it heavier and your work more defined. Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Discs Standard Colours 24 Pack These Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Discs contain highly pigmented colours to ensure your artworks are bright, vibrant and true to life. The innovative pack design twists together so you can easily take your colours on the go or store them all together. Micador Watercolour Palette 12 The Micador Watercolour Palette comes with 12 watercolour paints and a paintbrush so that you can start painting right away. The palette is made from durable plastic and has a snap shut lid that can double as a mixing tray making it a versatile art essential. Micador Watercolour Palette Stylist Disc 36 The Micador Watercolour Stylist Palette has 36 wells for your watercolour paints so you can carry and hold all your painting needs at once. The watercolour paints have a high pigment content for vibrant colours making your work vivid and bright. You can keep your paints from crumbling and drying out using the snap shut lid that can also double as a mixing palette. Reeves Watercolour Paint Assorted Colours 10mL 12 Pack These Reeves Assorted Watercolour Paints are made from high quality pigments which will make your art stand out. The colours have high tinting strength and transparency making your paints blend brilliantly. Reeves Water Colour Tin Set The paints in this Reeves Water Colour Tin Set will give a transparent and translucent finish to your water colour artworks. The paints are pigment rich making your art works stand out brightly. The paints are packaged in a handy metal tin so that you can take your paints with you wherever you go. Derwent Academy Watercolour Paint Set 12 Pack Allow yourself to develop your artistic skills by using quality Derwent Academy Watercolour Paint. This palette includes 12 earthy colours but can be mixed in the designated sections to create additional shades. The pans are kept in a handy tin which also includes a Derwent Academy paintbrush. ELC Watercolour Palette 12 Colours The ELC Water Colour Palette features 12 high quality water colours in a sturdy, plastic tray. The water based colours easily wash off with water so you don't have to worry about stains, making them perfect for home and school use.