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Nail down your paperwork with our wide variety of staplers. We have staplers designed for light, moderate and heavy duty use, as well as mini-sized and electrically operated ones.


J.Burrows Half Strip Stapler with Rubber Grip

This J.Burrows Half Strip Stapler is easy to use thanks to the rubber grip and feet which soften the experience. This stapler is made from a sturdy plastic material and will staple up to 20 sheets of standard paper. It can also be used to pin and tack items to walls and partitions.
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J.Burrows Heavy Duty Stapler

This J.Burrows Heavy Duty Stapler can staple up to 100 sheets of paper at a time, depending on what size staples you're using. It is ideal for use in your workspace to quickly and easily staple large, thick documents.
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J.Burrows Full Strip Plastic Stapler Black

This J.Burrows Full Strip Plastic Stapler has a sturdy plastic construction to withstand frequent use. It is ideal for use at home, work or school to secure papers and documents together.
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