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Super Glue

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UHU Super Glue Strong and Safe 7g UHU Super Glue Strong and Safe is an all purpose adhesive, ideal for keeping handy around the home or workplace. It can be used to bond a variety of materials, including flexible, solid, porous and non porous surfaces. UHU Super Glue Minis 3 Pack These UHU Super Glue Minis come in small and compact 1 mL packs that you can keep handy around the home or workplace. This adhesive glue is ideal for small jobs or emergency applications and can adhere to card, plastic, china, ceramics, wood, leather and more. Bostik Contact Bond Glue 50mL This Bostik Contact Bond Glue is an industrial strength glue which is ideal for gluing woodwork, leather, rubber, metal, concrete and more. The glue is water resistant and has a flexible bond on contact. Bostik Superbond Glue 3ml H-S This Bostik Superbond Glue is super strong so it will bond items and hold them together permanently. It's instantly adhesive and dries clear so it won't detract from your work. It's water, solvent and chemical resistant making it long lasting and durable.