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Keep documents neat and tidy and your desk clutter free using one of our handy staplers and stapling products. Suitable for a number of uses, hand staplers are an essential home and office supply and come in compact sizes for everyday use and heavy duty staplers for collating larger documents.


J.Burrows Effortless Full Strip Stapler 40 Sheet

This J.Burrows Effortless Full Strip Stapler will prevent you from tiring as you can apply 50% less pressure than standard staplers. It features an ergonomic, soft grip handle and a non-slip rubber base which ensures it is easy to use and staples accurately. The stapler will staple up to 40 sheets of paper at once and can be used to pin to carpeted walls and partitions.
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J. Burrows Value Tacker

The J. Burrows Value Tacker is a lightweight staple gun made from a durable plastic housing that is incredibly easy to use. This staple gun is great when you need to attach papers or fabric to soft materials like carpeted walls or office partitions. This staple gun has a clasp on the end that will lock the handle, preventing staples firing while it is locked. This staple gun comes with a 2 year warranty.
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J.Burrows Staple Remover with Lockable Claw

This J.Burrows Staple Remover features a lockable jaw, which makes it compact and easy to transport in your pencil case and bag. This staple remover works great on any document that has been bound by standard size staplers. The body is made from colourful plastic and the jaws are made from a durable metal.
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