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File & Folder Labels

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Avery Reinforcement Rings Vinyl Clear 500 Pack Attach these clear vinyl Avery Reinforcement Rings to strengthen and repair damaged holes. The labels come packaged in a handy dispenser that peels each self adhesive reinforcement off the roll one by one. Apply these reinforcements to standard sized punched holes to provide a durable border that resists tearing. Avery Fine Spine Filing Labels White 25 Sheets 24 Per Page These Avery Fine Spine Filing Labels can help you to quickly identify the folder or files that you need. They have been specifically designed to fit narrow spines on presentation binders, display books, diaries and more. They are permanently adhesive so the labels will stay in place. Avery Lateral Filing Label A4 400 Pack Save time and use these Avery Lateral Filing Labels to label tabbed lateral files all in 1 go rather than applying labels to each individual tab. These labels are specially designed to fit to each tab and create a professional look in your organisational system. Quickly and easily identify your files and notes by creating designs that are unique to you. Avery Laser Lever Arch Labels White 25 Sheets 4 Per Page These Avery Laser Lever Arch Labels can be used to help you identify the contents of your lever arch files. They are large enough so you can record the file contents on the spine but small enough allowing you to still use the finger pull loop. They are permanently adhesive so they will stay in place. Avery Textured Arched Labels 89 x 120.7mm 20 Pack Personalise your wine, drink bottles, glassware and gifts using these Avery Textured Arched Labels. These durable labels are waterproof so they are perfect for using on gifts with liquid contents. The unique arched labels are textured with a linen material giving the labels a professional and premium finish.