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Loose First Aid

A well equipped first aid kit is essential in homes and offices to effectively deal with medical emergencies and common ailments. From pain relief to bandages, our first aid’s got you covered.


Merrits Adhesive Strips Assorted 50 Pack

Merrits Adhesive Strips are water proof and dirt proof to protect your minor cuts, scrapes or blisters from infection while healing. The pack contains 50 assorted strips so you can utilise the right size for your injury.
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Trafalgar Premium Fabric Strips Extra Wide 50 Pack

These Trafalgar Premium Fabric Strips featured a non-stick, cushioned wound pad for extra comfort. These fabric strips have an extra strong hold so they will seal and protect the wound for longer.
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Trafalgar Plastic Strips Blue 50 Pack

These Trafalgar Plastic Strips are an easy to detect plastic strip which will seal the wound from the outside. The non-stick wound pad offers a protective cushion for the wound. The extra wide plastic strips are suitable for food handling.
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