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Fire Protection

Keep your workplace equipped with the right tools for fire protection. Smoke alarms are essential in homes and offices and extinguishers and fire blankets & kits are vital in case of fire.


Super Fire-X Portable Extinguisher 500g

This Super Fire-X Portable Extinguisher is wall mountable and is ideal for use in the home, boat, caravan, car or workshop. It's suitable for use on wood, paper, petrol, oil, diesel and electrical fires. It's compact, lightweight and easy to use.
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Quell 1.2 x 1.8m Fire Blanket

This Quell Fire Blanket is perfect for keeping around any environment that uses stoves or fryers. The blanket is made from a woven fibreglass material which resists fire, which makes it a fast and effective way to control and smother oil fires.
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Quell Home Fire Safety Kit Large

This Quell Home Fire Safety Kit contains vital tools which are perfect for preparing against a variety of fires. The kit contains a fire blanket, ionisation smoke alarm, photoelectric smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher.
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