Mailman Label Guide The correct label is determined based on weight and size.

Mailman's Parcel & Tube Labels

We have Parcel and Tube delivery labels to suit all your deliveries up to 10kg.

How to determine the right label for you.

Visit our Mailman Label Selector and let us do the hard work for you or follow the steps below to calculate the formula.

Step 1.

Convert the linear dimensions of the length, width and height to metres.
Example 50cm = 0.5m

Step 2.

Multiply the length x width x height x 250 to get the cubic weight.
Example 0.3 x 0.2 x 0.1 x 250 = 1.5

Step 3.

Weigh the parcel to determine the actual (dead) weight.
Example 1 kg

Step 4.

Compare the cubic weight to the actual (dead) weight and use the greater to select the correct label.
Example. Cubic weight = 1.5kg, Dead weight = 1 kg

Example Result:

In this example the customer will need to choose the Small Label - Up to 2kg as the cubic weight is larger than the dead weight.