Smart Home and Office Buying Guide

Today’s technology has developed to an extent where, with the aid of your trusty smartphone and tablet, it’s easier than ever to manage various aspects of your home and office ahead of time or from a remote location. This can include the lighting, air conditioning, energy usage, and even the security of your house or office. The benefit is that you’ll have greater control over your home and work space, freeing up time and energy for you to dedicate to other activities. This is what we call a “smart” home or office – a living or working environment that is technologically intuitive, and can therefore help to make your everyday life easier and more convenient.

Control Your Workspace From Anywhere

Officeworks’ Connected Workspace technology allows you to control your workspace no matter where you are, via your smartphone or mobile device. Now you can set the temperature, be alerted if motion is detected, watch live video streaming, and monitor the energy consumption of your appliances all at the touch of a button. Manage your life the smart way with Officeworks’ Connected Workspace range. When setting up a smart home and office, don’t forget to also take energy usage into account. Many lighting, thermostat, and security devices have sensors or other helpful features that can detect when they are not needed and automatically turn themselves off, whether this is by a default setting or one that you specify yourself. This ensures that you get optimal use out of your device but without any unnecessary energy use.

Choose smart products to suit your home and office

Officeworks offers a wide range of Smart Home and Office products. Check out the options below to find products to suit your needs.

  • starter kits

    Starter kits

    Starter Kits are a great idea to start off your connected home or office. They come with a variety of sensors, remotes and cameras, and give you a platform from which you can add to as you require.

  • motion sensors

    Smart hubs

    Many devices such as smart plugs, sensors and cameras rely on a base station to operate. Check carefully to make sure you have the right base station – some products can also operate independently of one.

  • motion sensors

    Motion sensors

    Motion sensors on windows and doors will send you a notification when they sense movement. You can create rules as to who is notified or create other actions, such as setting off an alarm or turning on a light.

  • smart lighting

    Smart lighting

    With the controls on your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the lighting in your home or office depending on the time of day, weather, or personal preferences. Sensors and timers can be used to automatically detect your presence and turn the lights on or off, or gradually increase or decrease lighting intensity, in any room.

  • smart plugs

    Smart plugs

    Smart plugs enable you to control appliances and lights remotely. Practical applications include turning on and off lights when you aren’t home, or switching on a heater.

  • smart thermostats

    Smart thermostats

    Smart Thermostats replace your old thermostat and give you control of your heating and cooling from your smartphone. Now you never have to face sweltering 35 degree rooms when arriving home from work in the summer.

  • smart alarms

    Smart alarms

    Set rules to activate your alarm. Motion detected by a camera, window, door or motion sensor can activate the alarm, as well as sending out a notification to your smartphone or tablet wherever you are.

  • outdoor cameras

    Outdoor cameras

    Outdoor cameras act as a great deterrent to would-be thieves, as well as giving you a complete picture of what is going on at the office or at home while you are away. Create rules to record at specific times, and access your live video from your phone wirelessly.

  • indoor cameras

    Indoor cameras

    Indoor cameras also act as a deterrent, and can give you peace of mind if, for example, your kids are at home while you’re at work. As with outdoor cameras, you can create rules to record at specific times, and access your live video from your phone wirelessly.

  • wireless cameras

    Full wireless cameras

    If you don’t have access to power, these cameras are ideal – they operate on batteries and beam their images back wirelessly. The Netgear Arlo has up to 6 months battery life.

Other things to look for

The connection between your smartphone or tablet and the devices in your home or office depends on the quality and efficiency of your networking devices. This is why it’s important that these devices are up to scratch and suitable for your needs.

  • Modems

    These are devices that convert data from the router, connecting your home network to the Internet by using your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

  • Routers

    Routers allow your devices to connect to the Internet, wirelessly or through Ethernet ports. There are a wide variety of routers available today, depending on your needs and your budget. Advanced routers boast better security features, faster speeds and a greater wireless range.

  • Wireless Modem Routers

    A Modem Router is everything you need for high-speed Internet access for your entire home. It combines an ADSL2+ modem and high-end wireless router together to create a single, easy to use device that creates and shares an Internet connection for all your devices.

  • Extenders and Adapters

    Wireless extenders and adapters are useful if you have a large home or office and need wider Internet coverage for your devices. Extenders give your router a bigger range so that you can connect more devices from various areas of your home or workspace, while adaptors allow you to move devices around without having to fuss with wires. Both extenders and adaptors come in different sizes and shapes to suit your preferences.


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