Responsible Forest Products Purchasing Policy Statement

Officeworks is committed to environmentally responsible sourcing of timber and paper.

Our goal is for all timber and paper products we sell to meet the following criteria:

  • Virgin fibre to be certified legal at minimum and to credible internationally recognised independent third party standards, or demonstrate a sustainable and auditable supply chain; and/or
  • Non-virgin material is 100% post consumer recycled.

Our commitment will be realised through a stepwise approach to responsible purchasing that uses the best available protocols and information. Officeworks seeks to eliminate from its supply chain wood fibre from the following 'high risk' sources:

  • The source forest is known or suspected to be of high conservation value, except where the forest is certified or in progress to certification under a credible certification system, or the forest manager can otherwise demonstrate that the forest and/or surrounding landscape is managed to ensure that value is maintained.
  • The source forest is being actively converted from natural forest to a plantation or other land use, unless the conversion is justified on grounds of net social and environmental gain, including the enhancement of high conservation values in the surrounding landscape.
  • The material was illegally harvested or traded.
  • The material was traded in a way that drives violent armed conflict or threatens national or regional stability (i.e. what is commonly referred to as conflict timber).
  • The harvesting or processing entity, or a related political or military regime, is violating human rights.
  • The material is sourced from genetically modified trees.
  • The source forest is unknown.

As a principle Officeworks adopts the view that where a viable alternative to native hardwood forest harvesting for pulp and paper products exists, it should be used.

To ensure its goals are achieved, Officeworks will:

  • Seek information from the Supplier on the source of the wood or forest fibre in the products through our an annual survey or audits.
  • Review chain-of-custody information against this policy and supporting operational procedures.
  • Continually improve the level of compliance with these policies using annual reviews, reports and actions agreed with our suppliers.

We will engage our suppliers, team, independent environmental leaders and customers in our efforts and report on our progress to our stakeholders on an annual basis.