Officeworks Position on Australian Grown and Manufactured Paper Products

Officeworks is committed to responsible sourcing of all products including paper products. Our goal is for all of the paper products we sell to be from legal and well managed sources certified to internationally recognised independent third party standards, or to be made from recycled materials.

We are committed to working with suppliers, and other stakeholders, to explore alternative fibre sources in order to reduce the industry’s reliance on native timber. To that end we support:

  • The certification of Australian grown and manufactured paper products to independent national and international standards.
  • The increased use of recycled materials and plantation fibre in pulp and paper products.
  • Industry, federal and state government collaboration to facilitate a transition to alternative fibre sourcing.
  • Adequate and transparent identification and protection of native forest reserves containing significant areas of high conservation value, for the benefit of all Australians, including independent assessments and scientific research to determine the impacts of logging on Biodiversity and endangered species.
  • Management processes in Australian forests which transparently address stakeholder concerns through open and independent oversight.
  • Cooperation and constructive engagement from all parties to bring these goals to fruition in the best interests of a long-term, viable and sustainable pulp and paper industry in Australia.